Our Service Package

**An $80 value FREE with every bow purchase!**

All our bows are built and tuned for you to shoot and get custom fitted to your personal specs. Our staff will help you find the perfect bow for your personal budget and shooting style. Our service package includes:

Basic shooting and technique instruction
2 Free days of shooting on our range to help fine tune the shooter and the bow
We make sure the bow is custom fit to you including:

  • Draw length
  • Draw weight
  • Peep Height
  • Selecting the proper arrow length and spine to optimize accuracy
  • Installation and adjustment of all accessories

Follow up fittings and instruction

  • We will adjust the bow poundage and draw length for as long as you own the bow

We handle all warranty issues including:

  • Diagnosing the problem
  • Packaging and shipping the bow back to the manufacturer
  • We can also order the parts and perform the work in our pro shop to expedite the process

*All returns must be within 30 days of purchase and must be accompanied by a receipt*